chest pain on right/center and a choking sensation…?

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Fearless Asked: chest pain on right/center and a choking sensation…?

hi, i'm a 19 year old overweight female with a very recent history of crystal meth use, and i don't need a lecture about not doing drugs because it was only a few ties and i didn't like it..
so about three days ago I started getting this dull ache in my chest, in between my breasts more to the right side and feeling like food or something is stuck in my throat, like when you swallow a piece of food that is too big how you can feel it moving down but the sensation stops at the base of my throat. It feels better for about a minute if i burp, but the sensation always comes back.

the dull ache in my chest usually feels better when i am moving around and it feels worse when i rub the area of pain or sit still. each day the pain has become a little more intense. also i get heartburn everyday after every meal no matter what i eat. i know it's not my gall bladder because i had it removed when i was 14 and i don't think it's a heart attack because i don't have any of the other symptoms…

can someone help me?


shonoel Answered:
You will get a much better diagnosis from a doctor than you will from a bunch of well intentioned people who have never seen you.
Please make an appointment.

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