Why does my throat burn and sting when I eat chocolate?

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Wow Asked: Why does my throat burn and sting when I eat chocolate?

I just ate normal milk chocolate and my throat stings and burns..? As far as I know I'm not allergic to anything. Now I have heartburn


David Carter Answered:
as you get older your body changes and things you might of not been allergic to your allergic to now or vice versa chances are your lactose but hey thats ok so am i…….people tell me that my gas smells horrible and to stop drinking milk….but i think ill let em suffer for a little while longer. good luck

Stinky Felix Answered:
you know you're supposed to chew it, right?

Tony Answered:
Might be a clue to stop eating it cause your fat!! icon smile Why does my throat burn and sting when I eat chocolate?

ARSALONIA Loves You Answered:
yeah i know what you mean, i get that too,

from exprience i believe it is just natural from eatting to much sugar,

i'm not going to give some overrated natural bull-**** scientific explaniation that i didn't come up and some schnook researched with goverment clincial aid..

drink water feel and get better <3

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